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Top Tip Tuesday!.... Concealers

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Following on from my tips on contouring last week, I thought this week I'd look at concealers. Now as a woman who has recently reached her half century, my biggest concern with concealers is creasing. I've read other beauty blogs who suggest that you apply an eye BB cream first (allowing to dry), then apply foundation followed by your concealer and to set your concealer with a little fine loose powder all of which works wonders on more youthful skin. However, I have found that the more products I put under my eye, the worse the problem is!

Now, working in a salon with access to every type of eye preparation, concealer and eye serum, I thought I'd have a play and see what works best for a girl concerned with creasing.

I confess to having a few fine lines around my eyes so based on research showing that retinol can minimise and even reduce fine lines, I've been using Dermalogica's Age Reversal Eye Complex in the evening. I would have used their Map 15 Regenerator mixed in but its being discontinued (as I write we have one left in the salon, with 10% off by the way).

At first I found that the Age Reversal Eye Complex, being so strong in active ingredients, made my eyes watery so I stopped using it every night and only used it every third night for a week, then I went to every other night for a week and now I can use it every night. It sounds a faff but honestly it wasn't. Always use an SPF in the daytime when using retinol products at night. (More about retinol to follow in a future blog!)

Age Reversal Eye Serum


Age Reversal Eye Serum can also be used in conjunction with Stress Positive Eye Lift which is a divine cooling masque for the eyes. You can use Stress Positive Eye Lift either in the evening or in the morning.

Stress Positive Eye Lift


As well as retinol, the other anti-ageing must-have is an SPF. So having used Stress Positive Eye Lift and Age Reversal Eye Serum at night, in the morning INSTEAD of using a concealer, I use Dermalogica's Total Eye Care as it not only has the necessary SPF but its lightweight, hydrating and slightly tinted too! Thus cutting down on the amount of product I need to use. And an added bonus is that a little of this product goes a long way. It has light reflecting particles and I love its lightweight formula. Its so hydrating its like a glass of water for my eyes in the morning... and it works on my fine lines too! Ask me for a sample next time you're in the salon.

Total Eye Care


For best results, apply your concealer (or Total Eye Care) as per the photo below:

When using a regular concealer it is best to use it ON TOP of your foundation,however, I have found that as the Total Eye Care sinks straight in, so I use in UNDER my foundation.

Another handy tip is to use a fine brush to apply your concealer. Mii Cosmetics do a Pure Wonder Concealer which you twist up to dispense the concealer into the brush. (By using gentle downward strokes it will help to reduce creasing)... and don't forget the corner of your eye by the bridge of your nose. If you want to use your finger to blend rather than a brush, then always use your ring finger under your eye area as this finger creates the least pressure.

Mii Pure Wonder Concealer


STOP PRESS....I have heard through the grapevine that Mii Cosmetics are due to bring out a new concealer around March specifically targeting creasing! Oh my word, how excited am I?!! The new concealer is called Double Delight and is a concealer with a built in serum!! It comes in three shades and will retail for £22.00 You can use separately or together. Part skin care and part make-up...could this be what we've been waiting for?!

I love that it will come in different shades as different shades not only correspond to the tone of your skin, but also to what you want to conceal ...

I did once follow a tip that suggested using bright red lipstick as a concealer under foundation to cover dark circles. Whilst it was effective, the lipstick was thick and heavy and the amount of blending it took could not possibly be good for the delicate eye area! I'll be sticking to Total Eye Care... at least until Double Delight comes in!











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