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Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Contouring .... I am often asked what is contouring? How do I use it? Should I use it?

Contouring is something of an enigma to most of us over the age of 25, especially if we see a teenage girl tottering down the high street looking like her face has caught the brunt of an explosion in a foundation factory!

So what is contouring? Contouring enhances the structure of your face by highlighting areas (such as the cheek bones) and minimising other parts (such as the puffy part of the cheek) to give shape and definition to the face.

And yes, even anyone over the age of 17 can use contouring...

The trick is blending. Keep blending... then blend some more!

How you contour will depend on your face shape

Once you've decided on what shape face you have, you can use the above guide to see where you should highlight/minimise. The darker shading is the minimising and the lighter shading is where you should highlight according to your face shape. Apply your minimiser and highlighter with a brush or damp Beautyblender and blend away!

Email me your before and after photos to info@thebeautyloungestives.co.uk

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