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Precleanse? Why do I need to Precleanse?!

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

... because your skin will thank you for it!

When I first arrived here at the Salon, I saw this Dermalogica bottle marked 'Precleanse' and I thought 'Precleanse? What for? Why?' Then I tried it... well actually I tried Dermalogica's Precleanse Balm first, then I tried the original multi award winning Precleanse. Wow! Where have these products been all my life and why has it taken me until now to find it?!

Dermalogica's original Precleanse is a lightweight liquid and Dermalogica's New Precleanse Balm is... well, its a balm. Both do the same job. Its just a matter of personal preference. If you travel or use the gym, then the balm may be a better option as its less likely to leak in your bag. Also, Precleanse Balm comes in a travel size which is perfect for travelling or your gym bag. If you have particularly oily skin then the original Precleanse may suit your skin type better as the balm is richer in texture and more oily. Apart from that, its suitable for all skin types. However if you have a nut allergy, then you will be unable to use Precleanse products.


Precleanse Balm

So what does it do?

It melts away your make-up (including waterproof mascara) and the general detritus of the day thus allowing your cleanser to do its job and cleanse your skin. How many of us have cleansed our face, then looked at the towel and seen remnants of make-up staring back at us? ...Guilty as charged!

Whatever wonderful potions the wizards at Dermalogica have used in these products, it never ceases to amaze me that after using either the Precleanse or the Precleanse Balm, my face flannel looks hardly blemished. However, if I don't use it, and use a cleanser alone, my face flannel looks like its been in a fight with a Kardashian... and there's still make-up on the towel! The Precleanse products just melt it all away.

By using either Precleanse or Precleanse Balm your face is then clean, and your second cleanser (Prescriptive to your skin) with all the miraculous and marvellous mixtures it contains to target our specific skin concerns, can do its job.

Another bonus of using one of the Precleanse products is that your prescriptive cleanser goes further!

At first I just used the product at night time but the packaging says to use morning and night. So I did. I didn't believe it would make much of a difference but it does! It makes my skin feel really clean and the balm in particular seems to help plump out my fine lines.

With the original Precleanse, just apply a small amount to your palm, massage into your hands and then apply to your face, add water and then rinse or wipe off with warm water.

£37.00 150 ml

With the Precleanse Balm, you apply a small amount to dry finger tips and massage it onto your dry face. Then moisten your hands and work the balm into an emollient. The Precleanse Balm comes with its own exfoliating mitt (and the travel size has its own mini-mitt too with a suction pad - too cute!). Use the mitt to work the emollient into your skin then rinse or wipe off with warm water. The mitt is designed to fit over your bottle of Precleanse Balm to dry after rinsing clean.

Precleanse Balm 90ml £44.00

Precleanse Balm 15ml £14.70

Pop in and ask me for a sample so you can experience these fabulous products for yourself!

Remember to bring your Dermalogica loyalty card with you! One stamp per £10 spent and once card is full you receive £10 off a full size Dermalogica product!












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