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Patch Testing... Why?

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

As a reputable salon, we have a stringent policy of patch tests. For one thing we don't want you to go round looking like you've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson following an eye lash tint... not the look you or us intended! And it is part of our insurance policy that we carry out the patch tests...not to mention we owe all our clients a duty of care which we take very seriously.

Patch tests are required for:

Eyebrow tint

Eyelash tint

LVL Lash Lift

Classic Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Patch tests need to be carried out at least 48 hours prior to the treatment.

"I've been patch tested before at another salon, I'll be fine"

If I had a pound for every time I heard this line, I could holiday in Barbados! We don't know what products other salons use, and there are so many different products out there, that we must patch test you with the products we will be using on you.

"But I've already been patch tested here?"

If you have already received a patch test with us, but not had a treatment relating to that patch test for 6 months, then we will ask you to have another one. Ingredients can change and allergies can simply occur.

If you feel any burning, irritation or discomfort from any of our patch tests, then please let us know. We will then know not to use those products on you and we can inform the manufacturer so they are aware. If a lot of people have a reaction, they can then look to amend their ingredients accordingly.

"Why do I need to book in for a lash patch test?"

If you are booked in for Classic Lash Extensions or Russian Volume Extensions, we need to attach a single lash to your lashes as a patch test. This needs to be done by one of the qualified therapists that carry out these treatments and take a little longer than a simple patch test of a tint for example.

Tint patch testing and patch testing for LashNV lash lifts can be done in reception and all our patch tests are quick and painless. For tinting procedures, we mix a little of the dark tint and peroxide together and dab it behind your ear.

For LashNV patch testing, we apply some of the three solutions we use in that treatment, as well as the tint as described above as this treatment also involves a lash tint.

We advise that you leave the patch test on for as long as possible before washing it off.

If you would like a patch test, or would like to have a further patch test, then pop in and speak to a member of our reception team. We recommend a tint patch test to all our clients... you never know when you may need an emergency brow tint and tidy!

And as Kayley has now completed her LashNV Lash Lift training, why not take advantage of the special offer of a Lash Lift Treatment with her in March/April for just £40 (saving you £6.50)... just pop in and see us 48 hours beforehand for the patch test!











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