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OUR All Time Favourite Dermalogica Products are ....

Have you ever wondered what products we really have stashed away in our bathroom cabinets? And why these products are our favourites? We would love to hear about your favourites too!!


From left to right: Ollie, Kayley, Alice, Kelly, Harriet and Sara


Favourite Dermalogica Product: Sound Sleep Cocoon/Special Cleansing Gel

"OOh ooh, Sound Sleep Cocoon... no, wait, Special Cleansing Gel!" (I'm glad its not just me who can't make up her mind!).

Ollie settled on Special Cleansing Gel as she has been using it every day for years and she loves that it makes her skin feel so clean and with a wonderful even texture.

Favourite Treatment: Back Massage

Who doesn't love a back massage?!

Favourite product we sell: Scentered Candle 'Happy'/Foot Callus Peel

Ollie loves the orangey-peppery smell of the Scentered Candle 'Happy' but equally loves the Foot Callus Peel as it gives amazing results.

Favourite Nail Colour: Purple Knight


Favourite Dermalogica Product: Nightly Lip Treatment

Kayley loves Dermalogica's Nightly Lip Treatment as she finds it really soothing on her dry lips. She really enjoys applying this during her night time routine "...and I don't want fine lines around my mouth!"

Favourite Treatment: Massage

Both to receive and also to do. Kayley gets engrossed in the holistic treatments of massage and facials and literally beams when she's finished a treatment on a client.

Favourite product we sell: Scentered Mini Aromatherapy Balms

No surprise our holistic Kayley has plumped for these wonderful little balms.

There are six balms in their own little tin for 'escape', 'happy' , 'sleep- well', 'focus' and 'de-stress'.

Favourite Nail Colour: Mumbo


Favourite Dermalogica Product: Precleanse Balm

Alice loves that this just melts her make-up away and its so soft.

Favourite Treatment: Manicure

Alice loves a manicure and is always trying out new colour schemes and designs. Alice is currently studying to become a beauty therapist herself when she's not working as our evening/Saturday receptionist and her favourite treatment to carry out is pedicures.

Favourite Product we sell: Beauty Blender

"These give such an even finish to your foundation and you can also use them with your concealer, cream blusher as well as for contouring". Alice loves that they are so easy to use, just damp and dab.

Favourite Nail Colour: Cherry Baby


Favourite Dermalogica Product: Retinol

"I'm starting early!" Kelly loves Dermalogica's retinol products as they give such amazing results and are THE weapon in the fight against ageing.

Favourite Treatment: Massage

Kelly's favourite treatment to enjoy is a massage. One of her favourite treatments to do is eyelash extensions as she says she gets so engrossed in it! However, she does love to do nails too as she loves to chat to all you lovely clients.

Favourite product we sell: Beauty Blenders

These give such a flawless finish to your foundation, "they are amazing!"

Favourite Nail Colour: Gilly


Favourite Skin Care Product: Barrier Defense Booster

Harriet loves the Barrier Defense Booster primarily because she loves the smell! ... well that and the fact that she's noticed a real difference in her skin since she started using it.

Harriet has quite sensitive skin so the Barrier Defense Booster is really helping to lock in moisture and soothe her sensitive skin.

Favourite Treatment: Nails and brows

Not only are nails and brows Harriet's favourite treatments to carry out, they are also her favourite treatments to have done.

Favourite product we sell: Scentered Mini Aromatherapy Balms

Harriet just loves these mini balms as whenever she feels the need to 'de-stress' or 'sleep- well', she can just rub these onto her temples and wrists and breathe in their heavenly aroma.

Favourite Nail Colour: Petal


Skin Care Product: Dermalogica's Precleanse Balm

Sara chose the Precleanse Balm as she just love that it dissolves all make-up and then this allows her prescriptive cleanser to do its job.

She loves the ritual of rubbing the precleanse into her face, dampening her hands and working it into an emulsified lotion and then working the mitt around her face. Its like a mini-facial each morning and night and she swears it helps plump her fine lines out!

Treatment: LVL Lash Lift:

Sara says she personally prefers this to lash extensions as its such a natural look with zero aftercare and she likes that its making the best of her. Mascara is not needed afterwards but she likes the fact that you can still use mascara for a really dramatic effect!

Other product that we sell: Revitalash/Double-Delight Concealer

"Ooh the Double-Delight Concealer as it doesn't crease so its a must have product for the more 'twinkly-eyed' amongst us. However, Revitalash is amazing! Its an eyelash conditioner which works wonders to lengthen your own lashes and is a must for anyone post 40".

Favourite Nail Colour: Slut Red (or as OPI insist on calling it, Big Apple Red!)

Join in and tell us what is your favourite product, Dermalogica product, nail colour or treatment of ours:











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