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Who Doesn't Love a New Lipstick?!

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

I am a HUGE fan of Mii Cosmetics so when I came to work yesterday and a box of 8 NEW lipsticks, 4 lip glosses and 4 matching lip liners was waiting... well, I was in my element!

The Passion Matte Lip Lover (£15.50)

These richly pigmented matte colours are actually very comfortable to wear which I wasn't expecting and have a suede-soft finish. I chose the Bare colour first which, as you might expect, is a neutral shade of a slightly pinky brown. Even though this is a matte finish, it does still have a shimmer in it which I like. A very flattering every day, warm shade which will suit most of us. The other shades in this part of the collection are Naked - another soft neutral shade, more peachy than the Bare; Obsession - a deep dark dramatic purple; and Sassy - a vibrant pinky red. I shall definitely be adding that one to my collection!

Shimmering Lip Sheen (£14.95)

These lasting shimmer lip glosses can be worn alone or over the top of your lipstick. I chose Tempt (far right on the above image) which is a pinky-brown colour with a hint of sheen. It gave my Bare Matte Passion Matte Lipstick a glamorous finish. The other shades from left to right are Flow - an opaque pale pink which would also look great on top of Bare or Naked or on its own; Enchant - a glittery very pale pink. If unicorns wore lip gloss then this would be the one they'd wear! And; Sweet - a glittery deeper pink. I'm looking forward to seeing these in the sunshine (remember that yellow orb in the sky?!)

Moisturising Lip Lover (£14.95)

These ultra moisturising long lasting lippies soften and condition your lips. They contain vitamin E hence why they are so moisturising. I chose Scintilate this morning... so light and comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. Scintilate is a warm, deep dusky pink with a touch of shimmer to it. Again, a really flattering shade which will suit most people. The other shades are Giggle - a soft coral (so hard to find a good coral lipstick on the high street). Coral shades are really flattering and again, will suit most skin types; Tease - the lightest shade in the collection is a neutral pale copper with a soft gold shimmer; and Breathe - very similar to Bare in the Passion Matte Collection but slightly more pinky and with a subtle sheen.

Alluring Lip Liner (£12.50)

contains vitamins C and E

Four shades to choose from which will correspond to the above lipsticks. If you've never thought about using a lip liner before I strongly urge you to give one a go. They add definition to your lips and stop any 'bleeding' that may occur. If you notice that this is happening to you, try Demalogica's Nightly Lip Treatment as this targets those feathery lines around the lip. (Pop in and I'll give you a free sample!) You can colour in your whole lips with the liner as it provides the perfect base for your chosen lipstick and will make your lipstick last even longer.

Top Tips

Have you ever wondered how some people's lipstick stays on for longer than yours? Then I have the following tips for you:

  • Did you know you can gently exfoliate your lips? Use your Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant or Daily Superfoliant across your lips during your morning routine. What this does is allows your lipstick to glide on more easily and your lips will stay flake free (and more kissable!). Important at this time of the year when our lips are more dry and chapped. Dermalogica's Renewal Lip Complex (again, pop in for a free sample) is a must if you suffer from dry, chapped lips;

  • Remove any excess oil from your lips by dabbing a little concealer (this also helps the colour to pop). Mii do a fabulous concealer which looks like a pen with a brush on the end rather than a nib, which you twist to allow the product through. On my lips I prefer Mii's Enhancing Eye Prep which is a type of concealer that goes over your eyelid before you apply your shadow. It helps keep your eye shadow in place, makes the colour pop and helps avoid creasing which can be an issue for those of us with oily lids;

  • Outline your lips with your chosen lip liner. I start at the corner or my mouth and work up to the cupid's bow in small feathery movements;

  • Fill entire lip with liner to help maintain the colour throughout the day;

  • Arch your lips, then using a lip brush, apply your chosen lip colour in small sweeping strokes as this works the lipstick in evenly. Using a lip brush will also help to maintain your lipstick for longer;

  • Any mistakes can be rectified with a cotton bud (working in towards the lips) and some concealer if necessary.

Mii do a fabulous set of mini travel brushes which is excellent value at £24.95 (the full size lip brush alone retails at £15.95). The set also comprises a foundation brush, a powder brush and two eye shadow brushes (one for colour, one for definition). I use this set all the time at home. The quality is second to none. I find that these smaller handles on the mini brushes fit into my make-up bag better. The brushes for powders are made from natural hair and the brushes for liquids, creams and gels are made from quality synthetic material. All the brushes are handmade. Mii do not test on animals.











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