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NEW UltraCalming Products

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Welcome to my new blog! As Dermalogica have just released these fantastic new products,

I thought, as a lay person working in the professional world, I'd give you the low down on

my experience with them; especially as most beauty blogs appear to be from the younger woman's perspective and I believe that that balance needs addressing!

So here's to catering for us all, younger and mature!!

As The Beauty Lounge is a leading Dermalogica account, did you know that we have access to new Dermalogica products before most, why not use that to your advantage?!

I'll be letting you know through this blog of any new products so you can always be amongst the first to not only learn about them, hear our experience of them, but pop in and try them first too! I will also blog about all the other fantastic products we stock at the Salon including Mii Cosmestics, Brows by Mii, Kissed by Mii, Scentered Balms and Candles

and Spongelle etc, the list goes on, as well as keeping you up to date on the treatments

and special offers too.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at newest family members to Dermalogica's Ultracalming range...

Calm Water Gel (50ml) gives you approximately

85 uses and retails at £44.50.

Barrier Defense Booster (30ml) gives you approximately

97 uses and retails at £69.50.

So who is this product designed for??

Well, anybody who has either dehydrated, acne prone or sensitive skin;

whether that be a short term seasonal issue or a long term issue.

Sensitive skin can be genetic whereby the skin's own protective barrier is less efficient at blocking irritants, microbes and allergens thus more prone to reactions such as blushing and allergies. We may experience flushing, heat, blotchiness or rash bumps. This is MANAGEABLE with skin care but cannot be corrected as it's genetic.

Sensitised skin can arise due to factors such as environment, pollution, stress, alcohol and smoking. Sensitised skin is CORRECTABLE with skin care and avoiding the above factors.

Our natural moisture levels are protect by our natural oils. These oil levels are affected by the above factors which leads to evaporation of our moisture levels. This all leads to our skin becoming dehydrated and the symptoms could include roughness, cracking, thin texture, flakiness and/or tightness. Once our natural oil barrier has been compromised we experience itching, burning, tingling, stinging etc. If you think of your sensitive/sensitised skin as a brick wall that has been damaged by any of the above factors, how these AMAZING new products help is by repairing that brick wall,

building back up your defence barrier and re-hydrating your skin.

I know my own skin suffers this time of the year what with central heating, arctic winds when I'm walking the dog (not to mention the excesses of Christmas!) and the cooling sensation of the Calm Water Gel really makes my skin feel comfy again. You only need a small pea sized amount as a little goes a long way. I either mix in a few drops of the barrier defense booster to the gel or pat it in beforehand. For best results it is advised to rub these products into your hands to activate then gently pat into the skin rather than rub them in. Use twice daily for optimum results. My 17 year old daughter is also using the Calm Water Gel moisturiser and LOVES it too. It would also be a fantastic moisturiser/post shave balm for the guys as it's so soothing and will help to relieve any post-shave irritation. Also the non-fancy packaging will encourage the guys to keep using it and keep their skin in tip-top! There is the slightest aroma from the Barrier Defense Booster of natural oats and the Calm Water Gel has a clean, fresh aroma from the apples and the aloe and cactus pear.

Dermalogica's mission is to make sure each of us can have our skin looking

and feeling the best it can possibly be and these two new WONDERFUL

products certainly live up to that mission.

There is also a new oatmeal colloidal masque for use in our professional

treatments at the salon. I put some of this on the back of my severely dry hands

and they instantly felt and looked so much smoother (not to mention younger!)

and really hydrated and it lasted all day!

Good news...

If you purchase either of the Calm Water Gel or Barrier Defense Booster

products in February, then you will receive a 10 minute Skin Solver treatment

(worth £10) for free! so you can try it for yourselves!

AND... if you purchase two or more Dermalogica products, then you can choose any THREE mini Dermalogica products for free! (these are available for separate purchase; any 3 for £10) so you can try something new, pop them in your overnight bag or squirrel them away for your hols or even for Christmas stocking fillers... as well as being PERFECT for your gym bag! Don't forget your loyalty cards!

In order for you to obtain that 'Dermalogica glow', we will be running a promotion in February whereby if you book and pay for 2 Pro Skin 60 treatments, you will receive a third for half price (saving £21!) to be booked before end of April.











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