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Updated: Apr 2, 2018

We offer a wide selection of different massages and body treatments here at the Salon, so I thought I'd give you a run down on what's what as sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to opt for! Both Kayley and Ollie have great expertise in this area with many returning clients... so why not book yourself in to experience a massage for yourself or discover more about our other massage and body therapies.

As you unwind, our relaxing aromatherapy blended massage oils will take away those stresses of day to day life. Kayley and Ollie will ensure that the pressure is just right for you and will target any areas of concern.

Kokolokahi have created a range of aromatherapy oils around an element to evoke an emotion based on the blend of essential oils used allowing you to "surrender to the elements". Blended to create optimum results and a sense of well-being, the combination of ingredients creates balance and harmony to improve the mind, body and soul. We have these oils, which can be used as a massage oil or a bath oil, for you to use at home. They also make the most fabulous gift!

Balance - Ground your mind ............................................£28.50

Harmony- Warm your soul ................................................£35.50

Revive - Elevate your aura ................................................£35.50

Serenity - Calm your inner peace ....................................£35.50

Strength - Enhance your well being ................................£35.50

Couples massages are available in our double treatment room. Perfect for Mother's Day, Anniversaries, or just because its a Wednesday...

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage (£27)

This is a half hour treatment targeting the back, neck and shoulders. Perfect for a quick lunchtime or after work treat. We have a lot of clients who book these as a gift. The perfect pick-me-up. If you're sat at a desk all day or even on your feet and your shoulders feel really tight, then this half hour massage would really be of benefit to you. Kayley and Ollie use the BeautyLab aromatherapy body oil during this massage but if you would prefer to try one of the Kokolokahi oils, then they will of course be more than happy to oblige.

Full Body Massage (£47)

This one hour treatment incorporates the back, neck and shoulders as above but also includes the arms and legs. Perfect for those who are on their feet all day, those whose circulation could do with a boost, or those who want an hour away from the world and some sublime pampering.

10 Minute Add on (£10 each)

You can add an extra 10 minutes to any of our massage treatments for just £10. You may like a 10 minute scalp massage, 10 minutes on your calves for example, or you may just wish to prolong the entire experience and have just 10 minutes more.

If you book any massage or facial you are entitled to use the saunas and steam rooms in the Heat Experience Rooms next door for free! We can even loan you a bathrobe for your convenience.

Indian Head Massage (£31)

This half hour holistic treatment targets the head, neck and face to aid circulation and the muscular and nervous systems, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. It provides relief of muscular tension in the shoulders, neck and head and includes facial pressure points to aid drainage to the sinuses and facial area.

Lava Shell Relax (£32 for half an hour or £57 for one hour)

We've been running an offer on these throughout January and February (so you can try either of the Lava Shell massages for the same price as a regular massage) and they have proved very popular with many clients re-booking! The natural shells contain a special heated gel. The warm shells are worked over the palms, hands, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress followed by a wonderful tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder to ease tension away creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. This deeply relaxing treatment is up to 10 x more relaxing than a normal massage as greater muscle relation is achieved through the seamless massage with continual heat.

Lava Shell Rescue (£30 for 40 mins or £59 for one hour)

This option combines the warm shells as above but also a cool Glacial Shell to reduce inflammation. The cool shell helps to keep the warmth in for longer. This is the perfect choice for treating any fitness related aches and pains. Specialised deep tissue massage techniques trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension and referred pain. It is tailored to your particular needs and will leave you feeling invigorated; aches and pains will be reduced and muscles relaxed.

Molten Lava Massage (£32 for half an hour or £57 for one hour)

Very similar to the Lava Shell Relax treatment above but these are smaller stones which are crafted from a blend of black lava rock, seashells and porcelain. The same deep slow movements are employed by the therapists. Its just a matter of personal preference as to whether you prefer these stones or the shells. These stones are not to be confused with hot stone massage which is when stones are placed in hot water and then placed on you. Our stones and shells keep the heat for longer as they have a special reactive substance inside them which keeps them warm for longer.

For every half hour massage you have, you will receive a stamp on your loyalty card. When you have received 10 stamps, you will receive a free half hour back, neck and shoulder massage or a free Pro Skin 30 Dermalogica facial!

BeautyLab Body Treatment (£51)

Perfect for tired, dull skin especially at this time of the year and for getting your glow on for Spring... This treatment is a must! Its a smoothing, sculpting and firming body treatment. It incorporates a refreshing full body exfoliation. Then after you've hopped in the shower, you pop back onto the couch where a stimulating thermal clay mask is then applied to your body and as you lie there wrapped up all warm and cosy, you receive a 10 minute head massage whilst the mask works its magic. This is then removed with hot mitts, followed by an application of a sculpting body gel and moisturiser. Utter bliss! You can add on a 20 minute body massage to this treatment for just £10!

BeautyLab products used in the treatment above are available for you to purchase:

Velvet Silk Body Wash ................... £10.00

Micropolish Skin Rejuvenator ....... £18.00

Intense Moisture Rescue Cream....£20.00

Body Moisture Serum.....................£22.00

Skinfirm Body Sculpt Gel................£28.00

And with Mother's Day around the corner. I would not blame you for keeping this page open as a hint. Your secret is safe with me!











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