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Dermalogica Skin Care -v- High Street Skin Care

As professional skincare consultants, we will often get clients come into the salon and enquire about the range of Dermalogica products we stock and use in our facials and some question the difference between these and those you can purchase on say, the High Street.

We, of course, respect and appreciate that budgets are as individual as your skincare concerns so I thought I would give you an insight as to what makes Dermalogica so worth your investment so you can see why it really does provide the most bang for your buck.

Take for example Sound Sleep Cocoon, one of Dermalogica's latest new products. This retails at £72.50 but that works out at just 77p per application. When Kelly worked this out in the salon the other day, it got me thinking... how much do I spend on snack foods that I consume in the evening (that I shouldn't really be eating!) I'm sure its more than 77p! 77p per night to achieve healthy hydrated skin by morning. I'm so worth it!

Basic high street brands will be just that. Basic. They will not contain naturally active ingredients but less expensive parabens, preservatives, perfumes and alcohol. Alcohol is particularly detrimental to skin health as it dries the skin out. Most high street brands will have at least two forms of alcohol in them. They may initially moisturise your skin but it won't last as the alcohol contained in the product dries your skin out, making you use more. Dermalogica customers notice how much less of the product you need compared to high street brands.

High Street moisturisers are usually labelled 'suitable for all skin types' so they are not targeted to your specific skincare concerns eg sensitive, oily, dry etc. They may also contain lanolin (which is derived from sheep wool) and can be irritating to sensitive skins or those who have a common allergy to lanolin.

We have a collection of Dermalogica Skin Kits which are not only perfect for your travels but also to see how you get on with the products as they will last you around 30 days. This is an ideal way to really see how much a difference Dermalogica can make to your skin. As you can see, we have a Skin Kit for all your skin concerns!

Dermalogica never test their products on animals.

I mentioned in my previous blog on retinol that not all retinol products are equal and the same applies as to the strength and amount of active ingredients in all beauty products. A product may say that it contains a particular leaf extract for example but look to see how far down the ingredient list it appears. The higher up the list of ingredients, the more of it there is in the product.

Dermalogica pride themselves on their research and development always keeping up to date with the most effective ingredients in their products. This could be by way of introducing a new product or replacing an existing product. Most High Street brands keep to the same basic formula as it keeps the cost down for them. We are then led to believe that terms like 'original formula' means its tried and tested which allegedly offers us comfort that the brand has been around for ages... but that's like comparing an old mobile phone with the latest iphone for example!

The term 'dermatologically tested' is also a clever marketing trick. All beauty products are dermatologically tested! It just means that a dermatologist has applied the product to either his own or someone else's skin. Whether a company chooses to let you know the results is another thing!

'Clinically proven' is another term we often hear banded about. Unless it is specifically stated what these clinical tests are, it is more likely that the particular brand has carried out some very limiting tests in their own labs ultimately in order to get the show the effects that they are marketing.

A Dermalogica Skin Therapist can look at your skin when you come in for a facial and discuss your skin concerns with you. They will advise you which are the best products needed for YOUR skin as well as how and when to use them. This can avoid you buying products that are superfluous to your needs and can address your skin concerns straightaway with targeted products. Focusing on skin health rather than 'beauty'.

Dermalogica do not use TV or magazine advertising like high street brands, preferring instead to only sell their products through reputable salons thus passing the savings from expensive advertising budgets and retail rent onto the customer. The packaging is not fancy as the ethos is more on skin health than if the bottles go with your decor. The therapists, even the reception staff, undergo days of training to understand the products, to whom they are most suited and how best to use them. Dermalogica products are extremely well regarded within the Beauty Industry, winning 324 awards so far for their results and often feature in magazines as top picks from Beauty Editors.

Head over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIZ1-H7U4R to watch a behind the scenes video of how Dermalogica products are created.











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